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Why does the Tesla Roadster cost $109,000?

Tesla RoadsterAny car with a small production run will be expensive. A small production car that sources it's parts from all over the world and is assembled in the UK to be sold in the US makes it even more expensive.

The "American" Tesla Roadster is assembled in the Lotus factory in England from motors made in Taiwan, body panels from France, a chassis from Norway and brakes and airbags from Germany. After all those parts are shipped and assembled the car has to be shipped back to the US before you can buy one.

With an assembly line that stretches around the globe you can see why it costs a pretty penny to drive the electric supercar. This contributes to the notorious slow production and low availbility of the cars. Teslo initially produced only 3 cars in the first two months of production. Lately marginal output improvements have been made. By October of 2008 there were 30 Tesla Roadsters in customer's gargages and by February of 2009 there were a reported 200 cars produced.

Of course, supply and demand must also play a part in the pricing equation. With demand strong from the ultra jet set (George Clooney owns one), and such scant supply - a premuim price can obviously be charged. The base price of the 2009 Tesla Roadster will be $109,000 with likely "necessary" options adding another $10,000. Tesla Motors is planning to deliver 1500 cars in 2009. We'll see how those prices hold up when considering this increase in production and wish the company the best of luck.

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dharam sharma   mumbai ,maharashtra 

7:08am on Monday, June 6th, 2011

all my best wishes to tesla roadster, and the all the ppl for taking steps in helping nature keeping clean, and fighting against the global warming..... read more »

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