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What are the Maintenance Costs of an Electric Car?

Electric cars have far fewer moving parts than gasoline of diesel engined cars so routine maintenance costs are less. Regenerative braking, which is using the engine to slow the car while also generating power to be stored in the batteries or a set of capacitors for later use, even lowers the wear on the brakes.

While you will forego the frequent oil and filter changes of an internal combustion engine vehicle there are still moving parts that need lubrication in an electric car though much less frequently than your typical oil change.

What are the Maintenance Costs of an Electric Car?

Battery Life (See our article on Electric Car Battery Life) is the one area where electric car maintenance can get expensive. Batteries have a life measured in cycles and if you drive your electric car often enough and long enough to to almost completely discharge the battery you can significantly affect the life of your batteries.

Battery replacement cost varies by battery type, size and labor required to replace but even the lowest end of the scale will not be cheap. Many manufacturers claim that te batteries will last the "life of the car" but your idea of the life and theirs may not be the same. Also we have yet to see any outside verification of this.

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