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From its superior maneuverability to its versatility, the GEM eL quietly functions in nearly any work environment, including indoors, because it emits no tailpipe emissions. Its features include six 12-volt flooded electrolyte batteries for a range of up to 30 miles on a charge and a 70" x 48" flat bed with a 700 pound cargo capacity.


  • Automotive-style, three point safety belts.
  • 12-inch street-rated tires are standard on the GEM eL.
  • Quartz-halogen headlamps with a 20-second safety delay after vehicle is turned off, front and rear turn signals, high-mount rear brake and taillights.
  • Laminated, tinted automotive safety glass with windshield wiper.
  • Structural composite and thermoplastic body panels.
  • Dual upper hand grips (optional) and lower seat rails.
  • Rear and side reflectors.
  • Rearview and dual exterior mirrors (driver's side standard, passenger side optional).


  • The GEM eL seats two occupants with bench-style seating using molded-foam cushions covered by marine grade UV-stable vinyl coverings.
  • Four-wheel automotive-style hydraulic brakes and parking brake.
  • Dual A-arm front independent suspension with coil over shock.
  • Automotive rack-and-pinion steering.
  • Welded aluminum space-frame using custom aluminum-alloy extrusions.


  • The GEM eL features a heavy-duty DC motor with continuous 5 horsepower rating and 12 horsepower peak during acceleration and hill climbing.
  • Front-wheel drive with speed reducer and integral differential.
  • Solid-state custom motor controller with under and over voltage detector, regenerative braking, motor thermal protection and top speed regulation.
  • Six 12-volt flooded electrolyte batteries are standard on the GEM eL.
  • On-board 72-volt DC charger that plugs into a standard 110-volt AC 15-amp outlet.
Curb Weight1,255 lbs
GVW2,300 lbs
Payload Capacity1,050 lbs
Cubic Feet of Cab47 ft
Turning Circle35 ft
Tires12-inch street-rated
RangeUp to 30 miles
Top Speed (High Mode)25 mph
Top Speed (Low Mode)15 mph
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