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Electric Car Pricing

We have long anticipated highway capable electric cars from GM and Nissan to come in at more affordable levels. Tesla has had the highway capable Roadster electric car out for a couple of years, but let's face it, prices need to be reasonable for this industry to take off! GEM cars even seem a little expensive for what you get. Of course, the rebates from the Federal and State governments act as a type of subsidy for the industry. But eventually, those rebates are going away and the industry will have to support itself. As one famous not so economically savvy former president said, "products need to be relevant."

But hear this manufacturers: that is the truth, these cars must save people money not only at the pump, but in convenience, and at the car lot to be relevant! Let's face it, we're giving up a lot of comfort to drive an electric car. So become efficient manufacturers. You're only going to get one good shot at this. When the government decides to stop funding the industry at the tax payers expense, you're going to have to stand on your own. See the below chart for current pricing information:

Electric Car Pricing Guide

Base Price
ChevroletVoltHighway Capable$40,00011/2010
Coda AutomotiveCoda SedanHighway Capable$45,0002010
Fisker AutomotiveKarmaHighway Capable$80,0002010
GEMe2NEV$7395**Available Now
GEMe4NEV$10,295**Available Now
GEMe6NEV$12,995**Available Now
GEMeSNEV$8,495**Available Now
GEMeLNEV$10,195**Available Now
GEMeL XDNEV$11,495**Available Now
MitsubishiiMiEVHighway Capable$30,000Unannounced
NissanLeafHighway Capableupper $20's2010 (some states), 2012 nationally
Peapod MobilityPeadpodNEV$12,000Fall 2009
Tesla MotorsTesla RoadsterHighway Capable$109,000Available Now
Tesla MotorsTesla Model SHighway Capable$55,0002011
WheegoWhipNEV$19,995Fall 2009
ZAPXebraHighway Capable*$11,700Available Now
ZAPXebra TruckHighway Capable*$12,500Available Now
ZAPZaptruck XLNEV$15,200Available Now
ZENN Motor CompanyZENNNEV$15,995Available Now

* The three wheeled ZAP vehicles are technically classed as a motorcycle but are having some problems being registered in some states due to their unusual configuration.

** See our article on Accessorzing your GEM Vehicle to learn about GEM options and their pricing.

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Do you have a wheelchair accommodating model with handcontrols?

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What price is it in somalian?


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add new ford focus please!

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