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Accessorizing Your GEM Electric Car

GEM Optional AccessoriesGEM's lineup of electric cars feature a long list of optional equipment. We've gotten some requests recently to cover some of them so here are some of the ones we believe add the most value to your GEM EV. We based the costs of these options on a GEM e4.


GEM electric cars don't come standard with doors so if you require doors on your NEV they offer three levels of optional equipment.

  • Framed Canvas Doors - These are a simple aluminum frame with marine grade canvas stretched over them. They have zip up windows and come in a variety of colors. They will add around $1800 to the price of your GEM.
  • GEM AccessoriesHard Doors With Trim - These hard plastic doors have drop down plastic windows and a built in right hand mirror. Available in white they are accented with a colored trim stripe. They will add about $3000 to your GEM's price.
  • Soft Canvas Doors - The soft canvas doors can be unzipped and rolled up to convert to an open cockpit or then can be removed and stored in the included storage bag. They come in a variety of colors and will set you back about $1000.


  • Accessory Outlet - A 12v accessory outlet is added to the dash. $35
  • GEM OptionsAudio System - An overhead console mounted AM/FM CD Player. Speakers are included and the
    radio has a removable face for security. $695
  • Dash Mounted Fans - The GEMs don't have any form of air conditioning but you can get dash mounted fans for the driver and passenger sides. Each fan will cost you $70
  • Dome Light - Looking for something in your GEM at night? Without a flashlight you'll need one of these dome lights. They run $35 and you can mount more than one in the vehicle.
  • Heater/Defogger - For those cooler months the GEM can be equipped with a heater and windshield defogger. The installation includes two upper dash vents and one lower dash vent and will add $445 to the price of your GEM.
  • GEM OptionsHeated Seats - If the heater option isn't enough to keep you warm you can add heated seats for $645 a pair. The seats include a switch for high or low heat and are made from marine grade vinyl.
  • Deluxe Interior Package - This package adds a deluxe steering wheel, two toned seats and embroidered floor mats for $615
  • Tilt Steering - Get the added comfort of an adjustable steering wheel for $175


  • GEM AccessoriesRear Window Insert - Adds a plastic window to the rear of the GEM for protection against sun, wind and rain. This option is included in any of the door packages or is available separately for around $100
  • Chrome Front/Rear Bumper - This set of 2" steel bumpers with a chrome finish will add both style and protection to your GEM electric car. The set runs $320 or you can just opt for the front bumper for $175
  • GEM AccessoriesMud Flaps - Protect the interior and exterior of you GEM with these optional mud flaps. They mount behind all 4 wheels and will add $90 to the cost of your GEM.
  • High/Low Headlamps - If you will be operating your GEM at night you'll need these optional headlamps for both visibility and legality. It will cost you around $160 to equip your GEM car with these headlights.


GEM OptionsGEM offers optional wheel choices ranging from a 10" chrome wheel up to a 14" polished aluminum wheel, they run anywhere from $500 to $750 depending on size, finish and construction.


Optional maintenance free gel batteries replace the standard flooded lead acid batteries for around $600 depending on the size of the battery pack in the GEM vehicle.

Fast Chargers

GEM OptionsThe optional LSV-100 fast charge kit will charge a 6 battery GEM vehicle to 80% in 30 minutes or a 9 battery GEM vehicle to 80% in 60 minutes. It works with both the standard flooded lead acid batteries or the optional gel batteries. It will add over $9000 to your GEM purchase.

The LSV-2472 Convenience Charger will charge 6 battery GEM vehicles to 80% in 2-4 hours or 9 battery GEM vehicles to 80% in 4-5 hours. It also works with both styles of batteries and will cost you around $3300

Utility Features

GEM UtilityFor GEM vehicles used for grounds maintenance, security or other utility uses GEM offers many optional accessories to equip your electric car. LED roof light bars, amber rotating lights and security decals are some of the exterior accessories. Optional open and closed cargo carriers, rugged front and rear bumpers, scuff guards, PA systems, grab handles and many more are available for your fleet electric utility vehicles.

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