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BYD AutoBased out of Shenzen, Guangdong Province in China, BYD is a car manufacturer that has been in business since 2003. BYD Auto is a division of BYD Co Ltd. which is a maker of rechargeable batteries and mobile phone components. The auto manufacturing division of BYD was created after BYD acquired Tsinchuan Automobile Company. In 2008 famed investor Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway firm purchased 10% of BYD Co Ltd for $230 million.

Unlike most electric car makers BYD creates almost all of their car's components in house. This is a cost saving measure as they handle the entire process from parts manufacture to final assembly.

They have final assembly plants in Xian and Shenzen, research and development centers in Shenzen and Shanghai and component manufacturing in Beijing.

Beginning in 2006 BYD began to export their cars outside China. Currently BYD cars are available in Africa, South America and the Middle East and they are looking to enter the market in Europe and Israel in 2010 then the United States in 2011.

On the electric car front BYD has two prototype vehicles, the e6 which is all electric and the F6DM plug in hybrid.

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BYD e6


The e6 from BYD (not to be confused with the e6 from GEM) is an all electric crossover vehicle. Manufactured and Assembled in China the e6 is a 5 door, highway capable hatchback that BYD hopes to sell in US markets in 2011.

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The F6DM from BYD is a plug in hybrid car that debuted at the North American International Auto Show in 2008. The car is currently a prototype but is expected to be available in BYD's current models in late 2008. BYD would like to sell the F6DM in the US in 2011 along with their all electric BYD e6.


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